Founded in 1949 Seg.Metal. Srl was the first Italian company to start industrial-scale specific production of circular saw blades for metal cutting.

The consistent policy of the company throughout over 60 years of experience in the production of circular saws have realized a highly qualified production encouraging technological development that allows today Segmetal Srl all technical needs of customers and especially to supply excellent quality products assuring customers the highest performance of the tool.

Thanks to the investments done and at the solid experience reached during these years, today Seg.Metal. Srl is one of the leading manufacturer of circular saw blades in Europe and exports its products in more than 30 countries worldwide.

Seg.Metal. Srl offers a complete range of products in the field of metal cutting saws starting from HSS circular saw blades for cut-off machines to the TCT Carbide and Cermet circular saw blades for steel cutting, from HSS and solide carbide UNI-DIN slitting saws to the TCT carbide tipped circular saws for light alloys and wood cutting, from circular knives to the friction saw blades and finally the range is completed with the program of bimetal bandsaw blades.